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Search Help


This app is built with exist-db, and uses Lucene as the standard search engine. This comes with several options available. A full list is here

Below very few examples.

sample result
* *custodir* add wildcards to unlimit your string search
? custodir? Will find any match for the position with the question mark.
~ ምሕረትከ~ Will make a fuzzy search. you can decide also how much fuzzy, by saying for example ምሕረትከ~0.9 which will match only 90% similar terms.
"" "ምሕረትከ፡ ይትኖለወኒ፡" Will find the exact string contained between quotes.
() (verbo OR notionem) AND ይትኖለወኒ Will find one of the two between brackets and the other string.


If you want to transcribe some fidal into latin or update your transcription, you can have a go with our transcription tools.

If you are using the keyboard provided, please note that there are four layers, the normal one and those activated by Shift, Alt, Alt+Shift.

Normal and Shift contain mainly Fidal. Alt and Alt-Shift diacritics.

To enter letters in Fidal and the diacritics with this keyboard, which is independent of your local input selection, you can use two methods.

Orthographic variants of the Ethiopic language are searched as a standard if not otherwise specified. The following are the options considered by the search engine.

  • 's','s', 'ḍ'
  • 'e','ǝ','ə','ē'
  • 'w','ʷ'
  • 'ʾ', 'ʿ'
  • '`', 'ʾ', 'ʿ' (note that you can use the tick if you are not sure about the two, but none will be inferred for you)
  • 'ሀ', 'ሐ', 'ኀ', 'ሃ', 'ሓ', 'ኃ'
  • 'ሀ', 'ሐ', 'ኀ'
  • 'ሁ', 'ሑ', 'ኁ'
  • 'ሂ', 'ሒ', 'ኂ'
  • 'ሄ', 'ሔ', 'ኄ'
  • 'ህ', 'ሕ', 'ኅ'
  • 'ሆ', 'ሖ', 'ኆ'
  • 'ሠ','ሰ'
  • 'ሡ','ሱ'
  • 'ሢ','ሲ'
  • 'ሣ','ሳ'
  • 'ሥ','ስ'
  • 'ሦ','ሶ'
  • 'ሤ','ሴ'
  • 'ጸ', 'ፀ'
  • 'ጹ', 'ፁ'
  • 'ጺ', 'ፂ'
  • 'ጻ', 'ፃ'
  • 'ጼ', 'ፄ'
  • 'ጽ', 'ፅ'
  • 'ጾ', 'ፆ'
  • 'አ', 'ዐ', 'ኣ', 'ዓ'
  • 'ኡ', 'ዑ'
  • 'ኢ', 'ዒ'
  • 'ኤ', 'ዔ'
  • 'እ', 'ዕ'
  • 'ኦ', 'ዖ'

Some examples

  • If you search Taammera, you will not find Taʾammǝra or Taʿammera but only Taammera. Try Ta`ammera instead or use the keyboard provided to enter aleph and ayn.
  • If you are searching for Yāʿǝqob, you will not have a lot of luck searching Yaqob, unless some kind cataloguer has actually added it into the data as simplified spelling form. Try instead entering Yaqob~0.5 which is a fuzzy search, this will return also Yāʿǝqob. Also Ya`eqob is fine for example.

Keys Combinations

With this method you use keys combinations to trigger specific characters. Click here for a list of the available combos. This can be expanded, do not hesitate to ask (click here to post a new issue).

Hold and choose

If you hold a key optional values will appear in a list. You can click on the desiderd value or use arrows and enter to select it. The options are the same as those activated by combinations.

With this method you do not have to remember or lookup combos, but it does take many more clicks...